Custom Jewellery and Bespoke Jewellery Auckland New Zealand

Custom Jewellery


    Custom jewellery design is one of our favourite ways to add an artistic license to a client’s dream or a vision. Our unique approach to bespoke jewellery combines strong aesthetic design, cutting-edge technology, and fine craftsmanship. 

    Our jewellers have a combined experience of over 60 years and love to create individual pieces.  Our process begins with meeting and obtaining a true understanding of what you would like the end piece to look like.  

    This may be redesigning a family heirloom, adding new life to jewellery that has simply lost its spark or starting completely from scratch with something new. The design process is a great way to choose metals and precious stones. The sky really is the limit with what we can create and we are happy to work within any budget. Do get in touch with us to arrange a consultation with one of our team.