Laser Welding

Key to accurate execution

The Laserstar Welding machine is an essential piece of equipment at Paul Taylors and the envy of jewellers who work with it and yearned by the ones that don’t.

Over 20 years ago, with Pauls intuition, he saw its potential as an asset and was the first in New Zealand to order a laser welder, in which time it has worked on the finest chain (the thickness of a strand of hair), to $1,000,000 17ct round brilliant diamond platinum solitaire ring and all manner of jewellery and trinkets but also dentures, sunglasses and even parts for robot prosthetic arms.

The laser welder in the hands of an expert is a magician, restoring the sometimes impossible into reality by the ability to fuse metal at the microscopic level minimising heat and increasing the strength of joins in the metal.

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