We have jewellers on-site

to help you with your jewellery needs

Since 1971 Paul Taylor Jewellers has specialised in; Bespoke Jewellery Design & Craftsmanship, Jewellery Repairs, Watch Repairs, Remodelling, Valuations, Valuations After Loss, Insurance Work and Laser Welding. We can help you with all your jewellery needs.


Bespoke Jewellery

From a sketch to reality. The process of creating a custom made piece of jewellery specifically for you is very personal...

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Renew loved pieces

Jewellery Repairs

Regardless of what type of damage your jewellery has sustained, we will be able to restore it to its former glory...

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Jewellery Remodelling

Those much-loved pieces of jewellery that don’t suite you, lying almost forgotten at the bottom of your jewellery box still have a lot of joy to give...

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Jewellery Valuations

It is important to have your jewellery reassessed every two to three years to ensure the valuation is current...

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Jewellery Insurance Work

The team at Paul Taylor has many years of experience with insurance claims,If you have recently suffered a jewellery loss, theft or damaged, we can help...

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Accurate execution

Laser Welding

The Laserstar Welding machine is an essential piece of equipment at Paul Taylors and the envy of jewellers who work with it and yearned by the ones that don’t...

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